Monday, November 30, 2015

Restoring Range of Motion in Pasadena Children

When a child is in good physical health, there shouldn’t be any limitation to a normal range of motion. This means that the child should be able to move the shoulders, elbows and other joints in the body without difficulty. A limitation to the range of motion could warrant physical therapy for safe recovery and the avoidance of further damage.

Possible Causes

The range of motion a joint performs can be affected by different conditions. Certain abnormalities, weakened muscles and swelling could all affect a child’s ability to maintain a full range of motion. Depending on the specific cause, recovery time may vary.


The goal of physical therapy is to restore the range of motion. Relieving issues that limit the range of motion is designed to help the child return to normal physical activity. If the child begins physical activity prior to the adequate treatment of this condition, risk for another injury is possible.

A Team Effort

When a child is being treated for an issue with range of motion, it is important the parents and the child understand and follow the recommendations of the physical therapist prescribing treatment. The closer the treatment plan is followed, the shorter the recovery time might be and the sooner normal physical activity may be resumed. Though some limitations may not seem severe to the parent or the patient, the physical therapist will consider the child’s well-being when treating the condition in hopes of achieving the best outcome possible.