Thursday, November 26, 2015

Medical Care For Children At Home

When children need special attention due to health concerns, such as physical therapy or speech therapy, pediatric home care is an option that is often better than going to a doctor's office or hospital through the week. A nurse or assistant would come to the home to work with the child. This is a benefit as the child would be able to remain in a comfortable environment while receiving the care that is needed.

There is a range of services that can be provided at home. A company might have someone who can come to help with cleaning or making sure the child's needs are cared for so that the parent can have some time to get other things in the home done. Some nurses are trained to handle situations that are a little more in depth. They could monitor oxygen levels or infusions in the home. Assessments can be made when the nurse is with the child to determine if other services might be needed. If there's an emergency, then the nurse has the proper methods to help with treatment until other medical attention arrives.

In the event that there is a dire situation in the home with the child, a nurse can ensure that comfort is provided with medications. Most services will work with children from birth to the age of 21. Injections can be administered, dressings can be changed, and any tubes can be cleaned. This is a help for parents who are not qualified or comfortable to perform the work .