Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How Therapists Help a Child in the Healing Process

Pediatric physical therapists play a key role in a child's recovery. Whether a child has been in a serious  accident or suffers from a disease that negatively impacts his or her motor skills, pediatric physical therapists teach children exercises, stretching regimens and strength training that may help them recover and have less pain. Developing and enhancing mobility for a child is essential as they are learning skills at this stage in their development that is the foundation for a life of continued movement. Taking part in activities that involve running, throwing or jumping are key to a child's self-confidence and development.

Pediatric physical therapy focuses on several key areas. Gross motor development is probably the most important area that experienced  pediatric PTs focus on, and MedCare Pediatric Group has a team of  pediatric physical therapists that know all of the basic exercises. They also make therapy fun since children need to have a little bit more excitement than an older physical therapy patient may require. Posture and gait are another two areas that often come into focus during a child's physical therapy session.

Pediatrics is one of the fastest growing areas in physical therapy today. PTs and doctors are discovering that care focused and tailored to a young child's needs may deliver better results than other methods. Skilled pediatric therapists work with you to offer quality treatment to address your child’s developmental delay or cognitive issue.