Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How Pediatric Home Nursing May Make a Difference

Pediatric home nursing may help make a difference in the life of a child with a chronic medical condition. One of the most common situations that pediatric home health care nurses help with is caring for a premature infant who has recently come home from the hospital. Some of the things that a pediatric home health care nurse might do for your child include:

  • Helping care for premature infants with a vigorous care schedule. Many children who were born prematurely are on medication and feeding schedules that are quite different from what parents are used to. Oxygen and suctioning equipment, as well as apnea monitors, may also be in use.

  • Providing ventilator and respiratory care. In many cases, a child may be on a ventilator in a hospital setting, but have the option of being treated at home. Some children are good candidates for being weaned off a ventilator, a situation where a home nurse can be very helpful.

  • Helping with feeding tubes. When a child returns home from the hospital with a GI tube, a home nurse may prove to be one of the family's most valuable resources. Their job will be to help ensure that feedings go as planned. The nurse also has the skills to cope with any unexpected situations that arise.

Pediatric home care nursing services may be the best solution for both children and their families. Under a nurse's care, a child may be able to recover much sooner.