Monday, March 9, 2015

Children with Autism Can Benefit From Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a method that could help children with autism develop useful skills that can help them later in life. The goal of this therapy is to promote independence and social interaction with other children. According to an article from Autism Speaks, a study found that an occupational therapy method called “sensory integration” effectively improves daily functions in children with autism.

Occupational therapists use sensory integration to help children process sensory information like sounds, tastes, movement, and smells much more efficiently. Children with autism might find these simultaneous channels of information overwhelming, which is why expert assistance in this aspect would be quite helpful in social situations. Through the continuous application of the therapy, children with autism may better deal with:

      1.       Social interaction and play skills
      2.      Loud noises and short attention spans
      3.      Motor skills and coordination
      4.      Transitioning to new activities

Not all children with autism will need occupational therapy, but it is a type of treatment that may help them in the long run. Parents who are interested in including occupational therapy in their children’s routine should carefully weigh their kid’s specific needs before making a decision. The best course is to consult with a doctor or an occupational therapist to determine suitability of the treatment.