Monday, March 16, 2015

Benefits of Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Through pediatric occupational therapy, a child may recover from injury, illness, or disability and consequently live a happier life. 

What is occupational therapy? 

This treatment approach is for people who have physical, cognitive, or sensory disabilities. A typical program focuses on enabling the individual to reach their highest level of independence, build valuable skills, and gain confidence.

Children may have no “occupations” per se, but this does not mean occupational therapy is not suitable for them. Kids, after all, also have jobs to do, and those are to learn and to play. A therapist can use daily activities, play, and school performance to determine a child’s appropriate developmental level.

What are the advantages of occupational therapy? 

  • Interventions are designed to help a child better respond to sensory information.
  • Play facilitation aids children in communication and interaction.
  • The therapy involves activities that are meaningful to a child’s life.
  • Therapy may reduce limitations on a child’s participation in family and community activities.
  • Through therapy, the individual’s need for assistive technology can be determined.
If your child has a cognitive or motor difficulty, it’s a good idea to talk to therapists who offer pediatric occupational therapy in Stafford. This could well be the solution you seek.