Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why Get Pediatric Home Care and Nursing In Houston

Getting the doctor’s permission to bring your child home is welcome news. However, if your child remains medically fragile, you may want to seriously consider getting pediatric home care services. Medically fragile means that your child may need round-the-clock monitoring and assistance.

You can determine whether your child is medically fragile if he/she remains dependent on a ventilator following a tracheostomy, or if they undergo renal dialysis, or relies on oxygen 24 hours a day. Medical and health needs such as tube feeding and treatment for recurring seizures are also criteria for consideration.

24/7 Medical Care

Your child may need assistance that only healthcare professionals can provide such as proper meal preparation, administration of medicines, and therapies. Getting home care nursing services allows you to have a trained nurse, physical, occupational, or speech therapist, to assist your child daily.

Contact a clinic in Houston that provides pediatric home care nursing if you believe your child and family would benefit.