Thursday, December 10, 2015

How Pediatric Physical Therapy Helps Your Child

If your son or daughter has a physical condition that affects their well-being, you should try to find a pediatric physical therapist that can help your child. Pediatric PTs are highly trained and educated, and they can develop a stretching and strength training routine that can help a child develop the flexibility and motor skills that they need to succeed. PTs work with a child to help them develop the skills that will help them be independent during the later stages of life.

Pediatric physical therapists can help you child increase their confidence as they learn and master new skills. They also give your child the chance to participate in organized activities and sports with other children where they will be able to make friends and learn the value of teamwork.

Physical therapists will develop a plan that is tailored to your child's needs. It will be based off of their current level of functionality and the activities that they enjoy. Children need a plan that is fun and exciting since they may not have the same level of interest in exercises and drills as an adult. Games are a great teaching tool that PTs use with their young patients.

Pediatric physical therapy can also decrease the amount of pain that your son or daughter feels. Exercise is one of the body's best defense mechanisms, and a training plan put together by an experienced pediatric PT may decrease inflammation and boost endorphin levels that give us pleasure.