Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our Very Own Cathy Alexander Is A Published Author!

MedCare is excited and so proud of one of our very talented speech therapists, Mrs. Cathy Alexander, M.A., CCC-SLP!  She has just published a book of reproducible word cards for articulation and vocabulary with Super Duper Publications!

Teach essential core curriculum vocabulary and reinforce articulation skills at the same time! Core Curriculum Articulation is a reproducible book of word cards with grade-level core curriculum vocabulary words targeting the S, R, and L phonemes!
The 752 research-based, core curriculum vocabulary words include:
  • 192 /L/ cards – 64 each for grades K–2
  • 240 /R/ cards – 48 each for grades 1–5
  • 320 /S/ cards – 64 each for grades 1–5
Each card includes a:
  • Core curriculum vocabulary word for that grade.
  • Definition of the word.
  • Phrase using the target word.
  • Sentence using the target word with at least one more occurrence of the target phoneme.
  • Simple picture to help the student learn and remember the vocabulary word.

The book can be purchased here on Super Duper Publications website!

Cathy also has another wonderful product available here, a board game called "WH" Question Blastoff!  3…2…1…Blast Off! Everyone from rocket scientists to students will love playing this "Wh" Question Blast-Off game. Astronaut players travel in orbit around the board. As they answer "Wh" questions, they launch their space rockets into space to reach the moon. First person to launch all 10 rockets wins! 

Congratulations Cathy on your accomplishments!!  Your MedCare family is very proud of you!