Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What Does It Mean When My Child Has Been Added to the Home Health Therapy Wait List?

One common question asked is “how long is the waitlist?”
The Home health therapy wait list isn’t a traditional wait list. It is a wait list that is based on the following factors:
·         Patient availability
·         Therapist availability
·         Patient's address where they will be treated
·         Therapist treatment area
Our waitlists are verified periodically to ensure up to date information. If your child is on our wait list and you move or your child’s availability changes, please contact our office so we may update the information. If your child will be going to daycare and you would like services at the daycare, please give us that information as well.
When updating and verifying the wait lists we need the service address, patient availability during the school months, and patient availability during the summer months.
As you can see this information is very important for our therapists. The therapists will review the waitlists when they need to add children to their caseloads. They typically will need to add children to their caseloads when patients have met goals, moved out of our service area, or if a patient changed their availability. We also use the wait list when a new therapist comes on board and we build a new caseload for him/her.
Melissa Torres
Client Services Manager