Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Safety Reminders!

There are many ways children can be injured in the home. Most people think of the most obvious and harmful injuries: medication overdoses, falls, or fires.  However, there are still subtle changes in the home environment that can cause injury to a child.
Many home injuries happen when caregivers get busy or are distracted during bath time. Make sure you maintain your child’s safety by following these easy tips:
  1. Do not leave child in the tub unattended for ANY PERIOD OF TIME! Always stay close enough to touch your child.
  2. Drain the tub as soon as bath is over
  3. Turn the cold water on first then add hot water. Run your hand through the entire tub before placing child in the water to check for hot spots.
Fire Safety
When was the last time you checked the smoke alarms in your home? Have you thought about evacuation routes? How about staging a fire drill with family members? Do children in the home know where to meet in the event of a fire?
It is important for all family members to know what to do in the event of a fire. Review easy tips with your children such as stay low to the ground, get out as quickly as possible and do not go back in to a home on fire for any reason. Make sure children know how to dial 911 as well. An evacuation plan should be reviewed with all family members and it is useful to conduct fire drills at home to make sure everyone in the family knows which exits are safe and where to meet after evacuation. A fire extinguisher should be kept in the home and everyone should know where it is and how to use it. A good acronym to remember is PASS:
P- Pull the pin at the top of the extinguisher
A- Aim the hose at the base of the fire
S- Squeeze the trigger
S- Sweep the hose back and forth until fire is out

Medication Safety
Medication safety is very important in homes with children. Make sure all medications (even over the counter medicines) are stored on a high shelf where children cannot reach them. Make sure medications have safety caps that children cannot open. Throw away expired medications. Keep controlled substances or narcotics in a locked cabinet if possible or in an area not accessible by children.
If you suspect your child has ingested medication or any poison, notify the Poison Control Center at